“Take away the obstacles to musicians and performers busking and you will have pop-up arts events happening in Wangaratta spontaneously.”

  • Remove barriers to busking and street performance.
  • Hold an annual Ideas-A-Thon.
  • Install infrastructure for live performance in key public places.
  • Commission local artists to design locally themed Christmas decorations.
Art, Culture, Events & Activation - The Wangaratta Project


“The farmers markets are going really fabulously.”

  • Establish a regular column that tells positive stories about local businesses.
  • publish a local recipe book that showcases the food offer of CBD restaurants and regional producers.
  • Create a map to guide visitors around Wangaratta for a tour of local produce.
  • Make public transport information more accessible.
  • Investigate options for the relocation of the Visitor Information Centre.
  • Support the growth of the Wangaratta Famers’ Market.
Destination, Branding & Identity - The Wangaratta Project


“Wangaratta is where the two rivers meet, it is a city that grew out of its environment. We have the chance now to position ourselves as a green, sustainable city.”

  • Support cafe owners in opening onto the street.
  • Relocate CFA infrastructure from Apex Park.
Parks & Public Space - The Wangaratta Project


“How do we inspire businesses in Wangaratta to offer experiences that are unique? How do we get them to take a risk and expand?”

  • Shop local Wangaratta.
  • Install Pop-Up Op Shops or other social enterprises in vacant shops.
  • Find a space for co-working.
  • Develop a program of mentoring, training and inspiration for local businesses.
  • Promote the breadth of produce of the region in the CBD.
  • Enable new retail partnerships.
  • Incentivise and support new and existing green business within the CBD.
Retail & Business - The Wangaratta Project


“We need more greenery – this could be edible gardens, schools could contribute.”

  • Plant a community garden at Wangaratta Primary School.
  • Enhance the sense of arrival into the CBD at key points through green arrival points.
  • Commision a program of temporary art works and street art.
Roads, Paths & Streetscape - The Wangaratta Project